On our ship, you can see the “Aoi crest”, which is famous as the family crest of the Tokugawa family. The family crest is derived from the crest of Kamo Shrine in Kyoto.

Mr. Kamo, the priest of this shrine, and the samurai group living in Mikawa have a very close relationship. The Matsudaira family, the predecessor of the Tokugawa family, also began to use the Aoi crest as a family crest. Aoi crest was used in houses other than the Tokugawa family until Ieyasu unified the world.

When Ieyasu defeated the Toyotomi family which unified the region, the Imperial Court requested the Tokugawa family to use the family crest called Kirimon, which was given to the Ashikaga Shogunate and Nobunaga Oda.

However, Ieyasu refused the Imperial Court’s request and thought that the Aoi crest appeared to have more authority comparable to that of the imperial family’s crests.

This made it is prohibited to use the Aoi family crest in any house other than the Tokugawa family.

Mr. Matsudaira, a member of the family, also prohibited the use of Aoi crests, only the Tokugawa family Shogun family was given permission to use it.

A simple symbol has carried so much prestige over the course of time and we feel much honor to be able to show it on Atakemaru ship.

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