Cruising Tokyo Bay has reached new heights on the Atakemaru Samurai Cruise Ship. The unique vessel offers a trip through time complete with fun-filled entertainment and your choice of delicious food.

The Beef Carpaccio Menu gives you the opportunity to taste a rich variety of cuisine that samples exquisite Italian and Japanese dishes. The hors d’oeuvres bring fresh vegetables to the mix and help cleanse the palate.

Carpaccio is extremely thinly sliced raw beef that has been marinated in olive oil and lemon juice and is served as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre. There are numerous myths about the origins of this Italian dish that is thought to have first appeared around the middle of the 20th century.

One story goes that the dish was invented by a Venetian restaurateur who prepared the dish for a member of the regional nobility. Upon learning this, the quips from those old movies where a person who likes their meat rare is thought of as an aristocrat finally make sense.

Carpaccio is thought to have its roots in a dish from northern Italy, which is fascinating because the nearby Liguria region is known for having pioneered a kind of Italian-Japanese fusion cuisine. It makes sense because the two cultures have a love for raw meat and fish and fresh vegetables.

Although beef is the most traditional ingredient, almost anything can be used and called carpaccio. Common substitutes include various types of fish with the finished dish normally being seasoned with salt and pepper, topped with bits of parmesan cheese and garnished with capers and onions.

The Beef Carpaccio Menu includes:

Three different appetizers
Raw tuna ribbed backbone
Grilled tuna
Onuma Farm beef carpaccio
Rich tomato and chicken casserole
Minced tuna sushi topped with finely sliced green onions

You have probably seen the annual new year news reports of millions of yen being paid for a single tuna. Perhaps you’ve seen the American reality television shows where anglers fight for a livelihood on the eastern seaboard. One of the recurring themes of those shows is that the fish are bound for Japan, where they fetch the highest prices.

This is all to say that, yes, tuna is a big deal here and people love it in all forms. The sight of a raw tuna backbone with the flesh lightly clinging to the bones may be a new one for you but don’t be alarmed as it is considered a delicacy.

The tuna is so soft that you can use a clam shell to scoop it out and from your first bite you will see that it melts in your mouth. The fact that the dish is raw makes it a good compliment to the beef carpaccio and an interesting comparison.

The grilled salted tuna on the menu comes from the part of the fish that works hard as it propels itself through the sea, which accounts for its rich flavor. It is as delicious as it looks and stands out as one of the few cooked items on the menu.

The third take on tuna on the menu is the minced version. Considered a treat in Japan, it is often splashed with soy sauce and eaten with chopsticks. You would think that it was hard to eat minced food with chopsticks, and you’d be right, but you get used to it. Besides, using these quintessentially Asian utensils adds to the fun and makes every morsel taste that much better due to the amount of work that you have to put in.

While green tea goes with everything on the menu, Japanese sake is really the perfect compliment to tuna in any form. No matter if it’s cold, hot or room temperature it brings out additional flavors in tuna regardless of whether it is cooked or raw

The beef used to make the carpaccio comes from Onuma Farm in Hokkaido. This is important because Hokkaido is arguably the farming capital of Japan as both agriculture and livestock thrive there.

Located in stunningly scenic Nanae Town, the farm is actually quite close to a national park. You can probably imagine how amazingly beautiful it is out there. In case you are interested in seeing where the beef used in Atakemaru dishes comes from, you can get there from Tokyo by Shinkansen if you are up for that thrill.

The Holstein breed is the source of the beef, which comes from cattle raised on a family farm. They use a special combination of locally produced straw, corn and grain for their feed, creating the best results. As carpaccio is a raw dish, the quality and freshness of the beef is crucial.

Eat like the nobility with your choice of the Beef Carpaccio menu and give your taste buds a treat that you will never forget. You may find yourself experimenting with your own recipes for carpaccio back home.

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