Escape from downtown Tokyo and travel back to the Edo era with a visit to Kawagoe. Roam the streets of olden days, eat and experience the culture of that day. Finish this ½ day tour with a live kabuki-style and dinner on Samurai Cruises the only Edo ship on Tokyo Bay.


14:00 Meet guide at Ikebukuro Station
14:10 Catch train to Kawagoe Station
14:40 Catch taxi to Kurazukuri Zone
14:55 Walk around old street and shopping area
17:30 Taxi to Kawagoe Station
17:45 Catch train to Hinode Station
19:15 ~ 21:15  Dinner Cruise – ROAST BEEF + SEAFOOD COURSE + ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK

Tour includes: train from Ikebukero to Kawagoe, to Hinode Station, private guide, bus, dinner cruise



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