Dining On-board

Join us for the evening live show served with dinner and drinks. There are other options to make the evening dining unique and memorable, you can select the all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet style or select from special custom made menus which include traditional Japanese bentos, sashimi and sushi courses or contact us for a menu selection to suit your dining needs.

Special Requests:

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, work party or any special occasion and wish to order other items to be served, please contact us 5 working days in advance to discuss your needs.

Private Parties and Corporate Events

If you are planning an event, hosting VIP visitors or planning a conference excursion, please contact our team that is experienced in planning everything from logistics to getting to the ship, special catering, additional entertainment, gift bags and meeting the budget and desired experience you wish to have for your event.

Set Course Menu

6,700 JPY for a child (aged 6-12 years old)
8,900 JPY for an adult

+ An assortment of freshly sliced raw tuna served as appetizers
+ Raw tuna ribbed backbone
+ Slices of raw tuna
+ Minced tuna sushi topped with finely sliced green onions
+ Fried chicken
+ Scallops cooked with garlic
+ Soup
+ Amuse-bouche


7,500 JPY for a child (aged 6-12 years old)
9,700 JPY for an adult

+ Caprese Canape Style (tomato, mozzarella, basil and olive oil salad)
+ Marinated maguro served with nagaimo (yam)
+ Marinated cucumbers and octopus
+ Grilled white clams + Boiled Dutch Eggplant
+ Spanish style omelette
+ Miyazaki Prefecture produced Kirishima chicken (spicy chicken)
+ Tokyo Bay Haneda Okisan Conger Eel Sushi lunch
+ Nagasaki Prefecture produced grilled Spanish mackerel
+ Hokkaido produced Ozawa farm Onuma roast beef
+ Iwate Prefecture produced Kuji Farm Sasuke skewered pork cutlets
+ Three kinds of hand-rolled sushi (tuna, squid and salmon)
+ With warm or chilled noodles
+ Seasonal dessert

5,300 JPY for a child (aged 6-12 years old)
6,300 JPY for an adult

beer, Japanese “sake” (liquor made from rice), Japanese “shochu” (liquor made from sweet potatoes,wheat, buckwheat, or rice), High Ball, ”Chu Hi” cocktail (“shochu” , flavoring, and soda water): Lemon, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Wine (red / white), Cassis cocktail: Orange, Soda, Apple

Soft Drinks
Orange, Apple, Ginger Ale, Cola, CC Lemon, Oolong tea, Green tea

*Note: Menu is subject to change without warning due to availability.