Samurai Cruises is constantly seeking to provide the best ingredients from around Japan to make sure our guests enjoy their dining experience when cruising with us. Let us introduce Onuma Area beef, which is part of our ‘Roast Beef Course’, which happens to be popular with many of our international guests.

Onuma is located on the island of Hokkaido in the northernmost part and happens to be the second largest island in Japan. This island is famous for some of Japan’s most revered and sort after cuisines. This island is made up of mountain areas, with volcanic areas that add an incredible selection of natural minerals to the soil, making this area perfect for both agriculture and animal farming. The landscapes all flow into coastal areas where the sea breezes add to the freshness of this natural environment.

Photo Source: The Tourist Information Center in Onuma Quasi-National Park

Onuma Quasi-national park is part of Nanae Town. Easily accessible from Hakodate City. The prominent feature to the landscape is Mt. Komagatake with its sharp looking peak. Surrounded by farming land that catches the views of the nearly coast of Uchiura Bay.

Photo Source: hokkaidolikers

Ozawa farm takes pride in its farm and the care of the animals. Every part of the rearing of the cows is a daily ritual for owner Mr. Ozawa. This farm was established in 1868 and will celebrate 150 years of farming in Nanae Town.

To assure the flavor of the meat the cows are free range feed during the warmer seasons and winter feed of blue corn which is one of Hokkaido’s famous agriculture products.

Thanks to Ozawa farm we can introduce to our international guest the opportunity to eat food from around Japan. Come and cruise with us and don’t forget to order the ‘Roast Beef Course’.



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