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Speaking of Atakemaru’s signature dish, we would have to say it is our tuna-centric dish by Tsukiji fish market, negitoro sushi, or minced tuna sushi is one of them. Do you know which part of tuna we use for Negitoro sushi? Is it the Fatty tuna! No, it is not.

The answer is “naka-ochi”, or tuna ribbed backbone. The fish meat that is around the ribs and backbone we consider to be so delicious. Scrapping off a tuna rib is an action called “negitoru in Japanese. This verb “negitoru”, has changed somehow, it became a name of sushi, negitoro. Some Japanese people think that negitoro comes from negi, or leek the vegetable and toro, or fatty tuna. But, in reality, the origin of the word is nothing to do with vegetables even fish parts. That is why there are some negitoro sushi without leeks. This kind of sushi has appeared in the 1960s, and it was a dish prepared for employees at a sushi bar in Tokyo. In addition, the word “negitoru” is a construction term that means digging. Negitoro has an unexpected history and an unexpected meaning!

We hope you will enjoy delicious negitoro sushi on Atakemaru!

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