One of the most impressive sights you will see on Tokyo Bay is the iconic Rainbow Bridge. Throughout the year there are special times that the light up is tweaked and twinkled by the famous lighting designer Mikko Ishii. Visit her site to see her work

Some of the other sites around Japan that he has worked on include;

① Tokyo Gate Bridge

② Yokohama Bay Bridge

③ Tokyo Tower

④ Sensoji Temple

⑤ Osaka Castle

⑥ Himeji Castle

⑦ Tokyo Station

⑧ Roppongi Hills Mori Tower

⑨ Ebisu Garden Place

Her work can also been seen around the world. When she manages a project she is very hands on to ensure that the concept is executed to the highest standards.

If you decide to take a cruise with us you will be able to see Rainbow Bridge from many perspectives that make this illumination a perfect photo opportunity. Please take a look from the deck!

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