Last January 7, 2020 (Tuesday), a couple from overseas Mr. Remy and Ms. Sara decided to spend their night cruising in Tokyo Bay via Samurai Cruise Ship Gozabune Atakemaru. This day is not just an ordinary day; there is something special that is bound to happen before the night ends. (*^^*) Free time-everyone is enjoying there dinner when suddenly Mr. Remy approached one of the staff.

“I want to propose to my girlfriend, can you help me?”

Ms. Sara has been always wanting to go to Japan and now that they are on a vacation, Mr. Remy grabbed the opportunity to propose to her; and with that being said, Samurai Cruise Ship Samurai Cruise’s staff will do anything to support you, Mr. Remy!

The big event will happen after the show..

Mr. Remy seemed to be restless. The staff is just waiting for the perfect time to talk again to Mr. Remy to finalize the plan; and when Ms. Sara left her seat, the staff grab the opportunity to orient him of what will be the flow of the show and the most awaited proposal.

The show will start at 8:40 in the evening and will end exactly at 9. For that 20mins, Mr. Remy must be nervous, but still did his best to enjoy the show with his beautiful girlfriend. After the curtain call, the audience is still hyped when suddenly the head of the WAGAKU Team (Performers’ Group Name) suddenly said..

“I heard that Mr. Remy here wants to talk about something in front of us.”

Mr. Remy quietly stood up from his seat and reached out the hand of Ms. Sara and together they went in front.

Other passengers were also paying attention to the couple.

“It’s been awhile now since we’ve been dating, she always wanted to go to Japan and I really love her and so I decided to ask her..”

Suddenly, Mr. Remy were on his knees, took out a small box from his hoodie

. “Will you marry me?”

Ms. Sara were so shocked and with a smile on her face, she answered..

“Yes, of course!” And the two sweetly kissed and hugged each other .

Mr. Remy’s proposal in Samurai Cruise Ship Gozabune Atakemaru was a huge success! The other passengers also were so happy for the couple and together with the WAGAKU Team, they sing and dance “IYASAKA” which means wishing happiness and more success in the future.

While waiting for the ship to dock, the newly engaged couple had the best smiles. Before they go out of the ship, Mr. Remy confessed that “I was very nervous during the show” then laughed. Congratulations!

(*^^*) Wishing you both forever happiness!




  1. Wow! You ladies and gentlemen of the Samurai Cruise Ship Gozabune Atakemaru are nothing but phenomenal. The story was well put together. I enjoyed my time there and the memories will never fade away.
    Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita

    1. Dear Ms. Tembe,

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback. We are so glad you had a wonderful cruise. My apologies for a late reply. Thank you again.

      Judith Mikami
      Samurai Cruises Team

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