・There has been a culture of enjoying boating in Japan since ancient times. This is called “funa-asobi“. This boat is called “yakatabune” in modern times. Have you ever heard the word “yakatabune”?


・Now, what is the difference between “gozabune” (the model of samurai cruise is gozabune) and “yakatabune”? To conclude, “gozabune” is the ship where the powers enjoyed “funa-asobi”. A commoner ship that mimics that is “yakatabune”.


・We would like to mention a little about the history of “funa-asobi”.

Since ancient times, Japanese power has enjoyed “funa-asobi” in ponds and rivers. An old book states that they enjoyed the banquet in 402 AD. It means that they were enjoying the music,poetry and dance on board . 

・Until the 17th century (early Edo period), “funa-asobi” could only be enjoyed by those who owned “gozabune” (nobles, generals, etc.). The gozabune atakemaru, built in the 17th century, was the ship of the greatest general, the Tokugawa Family, and at that time was one of the largest ships in the world. (Samurai cruise, which currently operates Tokyo Bay, is based on this ship.)

・However, from the mid-Edo period, as rivers improved, commoners began to enjoy boating. In the summer, boats gathered on the Sumida River and were very busy. This leads to the current “yakatabune”.

・The “Gozabune”was owned by the authority and ”yakatabune” was used by the common people, but both can enjoy traditional Japanese boating”funa-asobi”.

As a Japanese cultural experience,Why don’t you enjoy experiencing food, music and scenery on a Japanese traditional boating ? Samurai Cruise “Gozabune atakemaru” will await your reservation.



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