You can see a video that summarizes the cruise in about 2 minutes from the following.

* The time schedule has been changed slightly for the video taken in 2017. For the time schedule, please check the WEB page with the cruise details.

【Video commentary】

Until boarding (video 0: 00-0: 40)

The ship departs from  hinode pier and returns to the same pier after a 100-minute cruise.
This pier is about a 10 minute on foot from the south exit of JR Hamamatsucho Station(ACCESS). When you arrive at hinode pier, please check in at the waiting room counter. Why don’t you take a picture with the ship in the back before boarding?

Boarding (Video 0: 41-1: 10)

First of all, there is a reservation confirmation by staff at the entrance of the ship. Team “WAGAKU” will welcome you.
You will feel like you have entered a different space at once! All seats are reserved. The staff will guide you to your seat.
There is already a dish in the seat, please order a first drink.
Because it is a course meal, meals are brought to the seat one after another. The second half of the cruise is the time to enjoy the show, so enjoy your meal in the first half.

Scenery of Tokyo Bay (Video 1:11 to 1:32)

From the deck on the second floor, you can enjoy wonderful views of Tokyo. (Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Oi Wharf, Tokyo Gate Bridge, etc.)

Kabuki style show by team ”WAGAKU” (Video 1: 33 ~ end)

In the latter half of the cruise, a kabuki-style show by team ”WAGAKU” will be held in the large hall on the first floor of the ship. Team ”WAGAKU” has many actors from former famous theater companies. They perform authentic Japanese songs and dances. After the show, you can take a commemorative photo with team ”WAGAKU”.

Bus transfer after the cruise

Approximately 15 minutes after the cruise returns, the bus departs and sends you to JR Shimbashi Station.
* Bus is not reserved. Seats are limited (60 seats). If the seat is full, you will not be able to board.
* Depending on the date, the bus may be suspended. Please note.



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