Welcome to our Tokugawa Diary for Samurai Cruises. In this blog we hope to share some of the unique points about this ship, our team, our menu, our performers, and what our guests have to say. Plus add a few points that might be of interest to you.

Here is a photo of our ship. What impression do you get from this photo?

It definitely has a bold and ostentatious appearance that represents the 17th century ruler, Iemitsu Tokugawa presence during this period. Our ship is modeled after the Atakemaru vessel that sailed the seas for only a short period of approximately 50 years and was dismantled by Tsunayoshi Tokugawa when the cost of maintaining this fleet of vessels became financially restrictive for the Shogunate. It is unclear if this type of ship was used as a warship as it lacked mobility or it served as a floating fortress but it certainly has a regal dominance as it sits on the waves.

Another theory of the use of the ship was one that entertained feudal lords that visited from other regions within Japan and also Western delegations who came to Japan during this era.

We at Samurai Cruises feel that these historical stories offer a wonderful back story to share with guests today.

We hope the legend of prosperity and hospitality has been incorporated into this replica ship we created to offer locals and international guests a special experience while in Tokyo.

Come and sail with us and feel the era of the Edo period for a short moment of time.

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