One of the most spectacular point of the night cruise is this Tokyo Gate Bridge!

At the time of construction, it was tentatively called “Tokyo Port Seaside Ohashi”, but it was named “Tokyo Gate Bridge” after locals were asked to submit ideas.

It is also known as the “Dinosaur Bridge” because it looks like dinosaurs facing each other.

The attraction of this bridge is its size. The total length of the bridge is 2,618m, and the length of the section that straddles the sea is 1,618m, which is about twice that of the Yokohama Bay Bridge and Rainbow Bridge.

Another attraction of the Gate Bridge is the lighting! Lighting designer Motoko Ishii, who also worked on Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower, worked on this bridge. There is a theme color for each month, and the color of the light up changes.

January: Platinum

February: Pearl

March: Grass

April: Fresh green

May: Green leaf

June: Light blue

July: Sea color

August: Sky blue

September: Purple

October: Autumn grass

November: Autumn leaves

December: Scarlet

In addition, a special one-day light-up may be held, and the schedule can be confirmed on the Tokyo Metropolitan Port Authority website.

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