Experience the best in vegetarian fare on the Atakemaru Samurai Cruise Ship as you set out on a scenic tour of Tokyo Bay. Dinner theater has never been so good, with a spectacular show put on by brilliant professional dancers, singers and actors.

The vegetarian menu includes the dishes listed below presented in elegant fashion.

Edamame Beans
Tofu Soup
Grilled Eggplant
Seasonal Vegetables lightly Fried Tempura
Tofu Hamburg
Salted Kelp and Cabbage Salad
Inari Sushi
Vegetable Maki Sushi
Fried Tofu Served on Tomato Puree

The soy component of the menu comes in four forms. First, there are the edamame beans or peas. Often eaten as a snack to accompany beer, they have a refreshing and slightly salty taste. At first sight, they remind you of wide string beans but unlike that vegetable, you don’t eat the whole thing, just the beans inside.

The second soy element comes in the form of tofu, which is sometimes referred to as bean curd in English. “Curd” results from soy milk being allowed to coagulate in the same way that young cheese, like mozzarella is. Enjoy tofu as a savory soup, then shift gears and try it in hamburger form.

The idea of using tofu as a meat substitute has been around for years, but it has become highly refined in Japan. Tofu hamburg is a dish that is perfectly designed to stand alone without the need for crackers or bread.

The fried tofu on tomato puree is a kind of Japanese-Italian cuisine fusion. The tofu in place of mozzarella really works well.

Lightly fried vegetable tempura adds a bit of pizzazz to the menu. Usually eaten with special salt and sauce, this dish was introduced by the Portuguese in the 1500s. Interestingly, it was associated with meatless cooking done for religious purposes in Europe.

The Vegetable Menu comes with two kinds of sushi and both are vegetarian of course, The first one is inari sushi, which is vinegared rice wrapped in fried tofu. The second is vegetable maki (rolled) sushi wrapped in dried seaweed.

Enjoy all-you-can drink from a long list of classic beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Beer, Japanese “sake” (liquor made from rice), Japanese “shochu” (liquor made from sweet potatoes,wheat, buckwheat, or rice), High Ball, ”Chu Hi” cocktail (“shochu”, flavoring, and soda water) Umeshu (plum liquor), Lemon Sour, Oolong Tea, Green Tea,
Wine (red / white)
Soft Drinks
Orange, Ginger Ale, Cola, Oolong tea, Green tea

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